Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Feeling foolish (and a little bit sore)!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day so went out for a run.  I was nearly home when I stepped off the pavement to go past an elderly gentleman walking his dog.  The road had just been recently resurfaced and there were lots of loose chippings at the side.  I skidded on them like they were marbles (although an awful lot sharper!!) and landed flat on my face - much to the amusement of a group of teenagers on their way to school.  The old gentleman helped me up but I realised that apart from managing to 'pebble dash' my hands and knees, I had hurt more than my pride - I had twisted my ankle badly.  I hobbled home and sat with a bag of frozen peas on it and now it looks like this.... (sorry if I put anyone off their breakfast with this photo!!) 

Sometimes I wonder whether it is worth all the effort trying to ward off 'middle age spread' and just order those elasticated waist trousers now!!!

As I cannot walk on it, I have decided to post some pictures of quilts that I have been working on over the last couple of weeks.  I know I'm not very good and sitting down and posting on my blog so having an enforced 'sit down' had made me do it. Enjoy.

Just scrolling down the photo's I realise there are some great quilters out there and I thank you all for the chance to work on your quilts - I never cease to be inspired.



  1. Oh my goodness! I'm sorry for your accident and I hope it heals very quickly. I would certainly milk it for all it's worth, though. It's not often that one has a valid excuse to have others at one's beck and call. Thanks for sharing the pretty pictures!

  2. Ouch! It looks very painful. Hope it heals quickly!! I was actually thinking of calling you today, will give you sometime to rest now before I do.

  3. Gee whizz, you're such a soldier. That looks really uncomfortable now! Hope it recovers soon.

  4. Hope you soon recover - looks extremely painful. Love the inspirational quilts.

  5. Hope you soon recover - looks extremely painful. Love the inspirational quilts.

  6. That looks rather painful...hope you got it checked out and made sure there was nothing broken! Heal up soon!!!