Monday, 11 March 2013

Still working....

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks that I'm behind with my blog. I have 41 quilts hanging on my rail waiting to be done so have had my nose to the grind!  I have taken some photos on the way so here is a sample of what I have been quilting recently....

Jan made this sampler quilt and the middle block was a cute crazy patchwork block with lots of embellishments and embroidery (It did mean I had to avoid it whilst quilting or run the risk of a broken needle or even worse, a hole in the quilt!!)  It is a gift for a girl so I quilted it with a pattern called 'sweetest' as I thought hearts were appropriate.

Another customer called Jan made this lovely bright and cheerful  'Chinese lanterns' quilt.  It was the second of a pair - I had quilted it's sister quilt a few months previously.

Siobhan made 2 quilts using this cute Christmas tree block and unfortunately I only took a photo of one. I quilted one with Christmas trees and one with reindeer and candy canes.  I think I would be feeling very pleased with myself  if I was this far ahead of Christmas!!

Sue made this lovely windmill quilt using lots of aqua tone fabrics. Very fresh.

Maxine made this huge 'grandmothers flower garden' quilt and as it is going to a grandson, I just quilted a pattern called 'bubbles'.... gender neutral.

This cute quilt was made by Leigh and is being given to a little boy.  I quilted a pattern called 'gecko' as there were lizards, bugs and all sorts of 'critters' on this quilt.  Hope he likes it.

Anna made the next 2 quilts.  This one is bright and 'zingy'

And this on  is subtle and restful...

This quilt was made by Margaret and as soon as I saw it I thought of the seaside.... can't you hear the waves crashing on the shore and smell the ozone (okay, maybe I am getting a little carried away!!!)
I quilted it with a pattern of seashells and starfish.

After my 'cushion fest' of a couple of weeks ago, I have had a break from piecing for myself.  Sometimes when I have been quilting all day for customers, I feel rather 'quilted out' and can't seem to get any enthusiasm for my own work.  Anyway, I started a new quilt this week and have made 2 blocks so far.  It will be 25 blocks in total, alternating pieced block with dresden plate block.

I am really glad that I added the red fabric.  I think it really lifts the neutral taupe fabrics.  (It looks a bit boring after all those bright and cheerful quilts I have just posted about!!  I don't usually go for such subdued colours but I really like 'Japanese Taupe' quilts and thought I would make one similar)  I'll keep you posted on progress.

So, until next time,

Happy Quilting.



  1. Your machine must be smoking! Beautiful work.

  2. Chris, I love Sue's Windmill quilt, please tell her that! I can't tell from the photo if the center circles are applique'd or are they buttons? I really like that addition to the windmill block.

  3. Your Japanese taupe quilt is quite different for you, nonetheless it will be lovely. Don't burn yourself out my friend! By the way I'm feeling a lot brighter today, thankfully xx

  4. Wow, you have been busy! All quilted beautifully, as usual!!! I like your new quilt, something different and I'm sure once we see more blocks we'll all want to make one!

  5. Very nice quilts. I love the windmill quilt especially, and the lanterns are beautiful. They are quite different from each other but both "speak" to me on different levels. How wonderful that your customers do such lovely work so you make a great pair!