Thursday, 28 March 2013

Now what?!!

I was just messing around yesterday with some jelly roll strips left over from another project and made these 2 circles.  Problem is I only had enough fabric to make 2.  They measure 30 Inches in diameter so they are not small but I'm not sure what to do with them now!  Maybe a jumbo floor cushion?  Suggestions welcome.

I took a weeks holiday last week and managed to get one of my larger cabinets painted.  I am really happy with how it turned out but it still needs new knobs.  I have folded and put some of my quilts in it.  I love the way it looks.  I am hoping to tackle the large dresser in the next week or so. I'll post progress.

(This photo looks like I was tipsy whilst taking it...everything leans to the left!!)

I have sewn a few more rows together on this quilt - it is slow progress as when it was all just placed on my design wall, I opened my studio door and a wind blew loads of pieces off the wall and now I am spending ages trying to find out where they came from.....Arrgh.

I have finished piecing my taupe plate quilt and I quilted it early yesterday morning before I started work.  I used a lovely pattern called 'gypsy feathers'.  I did wonder about custom quilting it but as I thought it would not really show up, I decided to do an allover patter.  I am happy with it. I have cut the binding in the red fabric and am hoping to get it ready to hand sew to the back this evening whilst watching Masterchef.

Finally, I just want to apologise if any of you got a spam email from me today or last night.  My email was hacked and loads of spam emails went out in my name.  So sorry if you got one.  I have changed my password so hopefully this will not happen again.

Have a very Happy Easter. Try not to get chocolate on that quilt you are working on!! I think all my spring bulbs are a little confused by the weather.



  1. I love your quilt cupboard! Your circle are amazing, could you make them into a reversible table topper/cloth for a round table? Archie said he likes the jumbo floor cushion idea 'cos it'd make a great bed but I've told him no...

  2. Your taupe quilt looks great. I had the same problem with my email :((( SO annoying! I also had loads of people emailing, texting etc to tell me lol. As if I would really be sending such emails out! :)
    Your cabinet looks great too.

  3. Such lovely things...the cupboard is especially nice...great way to store and show off your quilts.

  4. I am hard pressed to choose a favourite! Those circle blocks are amazing too. Your quilting looks beautiful on your quilt.
    Happy Easter

  5. Hi Chris.

    What do you call the Quilt which has the crosses pattern (shown on your pics above). I love it and been trying to find the pattern, but no sucess yet. Thanks.