Tuesday, 12 March 2013

And now for something completely different!

I know that I come across as someone who eats, sleeps, lives quilts......well that would be right.  But I do do other things when I am not in front of my sewing machine or Gammill.  When my husband and I got married years ago, stripped pine was IN and it was cheap.  29 years later (yes, I said 29!!!) I have finally decided that stripped pine is definately OUT.  Browsing Pinterest I kept seeing Annie Sloan chalk paint being mentioned so looked it up, watched a few youtube videos and the result is a furniture makeover!!

I started small on my 'shabby chic' venture with my egg hutch.  I painted old white over a base of a lilac called Emile.  I sanded it back and waxed it and I love it.

Next I decided to paint the hall table in duck egg blue and this one I didn't distress, I just waxed it.

There was no stopping me now......my pine washstand that I use as a dressing table and our bedside tables were next in line with the duck egg blue.

Next the awful TV cabinet went from orange to Old White with a distressed finish....I'm looking for some nice knobs now for this.  I did wonder about some glass ones, Hmmm, we'll see.

Then the bookcase was transformed with Aubusson blue to match my chimney breast.

I'm embarrassed how much old pine furniture we had.  These are next in line...... Paloma or Paris Grey I think.  I've started to fill some cracks that were in the doors prior to painting.

I thought that once this one is painted, I would banish the glasses to another cupboard and I would put my quilts in here so you can see them folded up through the glass.

The menfolk of the family have been teasing me by wondering if they stand still long enough, they too might get a coat of paint (and the cats have been eyeing me warily)!

Now, I know you are all impressed but once you watch an Annie Sloan youtube tutorial and realise how easy it is, you won't be so in awe of me, ha ha!!!

Think I'll have a 5 minute sit down and a cup of tea whilst I decided what next to paint after the 2 above.



  1. Wow - you have been busy! I'm been painting the top half of a dresser in stages for nearly a week now (I'm ashamed to say that the bottom got painted about 2yrs ago!) but am planning on storing my fabrics and yarn it so that I can see it all and keep it dust free. I think your quilts would look lovely in there :)

  2. Wow Chris, I'm impressed. They all look lovely. Is there no end to your talent?

  3. I hate any form of decorating so hats off to you. I have a sewing machine from 1901 built into a table I was supposed to sand and varnish. About 4 years ago. Ahem. You have got so much done in a short space of time and it looks wonderful!

  4. You're making me wish we hadn't gotten rid of our old pine dresser! Love the makeovers!

  5. I love the colours you are using to makeover those pieces of furniture...gorgeous!