Friday, 22 February 2013

Ooops, I got a bit carried away.......

I've been having a clear out of my studio this week.  I unearthed a load of orphan blocks.  Some were left over from quilts, some were practice pieces to try a new technique, some were supposed to be a quilt but I got bored!  So each morning this week I came into my studio an hour early and quilted them all up and I have made them into cushions.

Progress so far.....

My hexi quilt will never be finished because the cat was sick all over it whilst I was piecing it together and so half of it had to be cut off and thrown away.  The few blocks that were left  have been made into this cushion and a loose cover for my footstool in the lounge.

 This cushion was made using a few blocks left after making the quilt below...

This was just an exercise in playing with a 'red and white' theme

Wasn't happy with the centre of the star so decided not to make it into a quilt... a cushion is fine if you don't look too closely!

Katy very kindly lent me her ruler for making kaleidoscope blocks.  I had it for ages, long enough to make at least 3 quilts using that block but this was all I came up with.....enough for 2 cushions!   I had to give it back to her eventually or she would have thought I had kidnapped it!!  Sorry Katy.

This was my attempt at an 'Urban Deco' block.  Love it but a quilt made using these blocks is a long way off.

These were made for a mini challenge. My friend Janie sent me a jelly roll and a couple of charm packs of Minick and Simpson fabric (can't remember the range) and these are what I made.  I was trying out some foundation piecing and my little 'twister' ruler.

These were blocks left over from the quilt below....

And these blocks were another go at a red and white quilt.  I will make a full size quilt eventually using this pattern as I love 'house' quilts.


This is a picture of them all on my sofa.  They don't match anything in my house but since when has that been a factor in the quilts we make?  Maybe 13 cushions is overkill......perhaps I should open a shop!

At least I am sorted for birthday gifts for a while!

Just in case you think I have been too self indulgent this week, I have done some work.

This lovely quilt made using a Material Obsessions pattern was beautifully made by Kris.  She modified it slightly as she didn't want to applique the arch onto the background fabric.  Instead she made a template and  stitched it using curved clever.  This is one that is going on my quilting bucket list.

It was quilted using a pattern called 'bubbles' using a shocking pink thread.

The following quilt was made by Katy.  A variation of the 'scrappy trip' quilts that we are all making at the moment.  There are so many ways that the blocks can be set.  Love that 'Chicopee' fabric.  I still haven't cut into mine but seeing it all made up into a quilt has made me think I should get if off the shelf and into a quilt.

Katy wanted a sort of loopy figure of eight pattern on it so this is what I did.  I used a bright green thread called lime splash.

This quilt was made by Jan using some lovely African blue and white fabrics.... so fresh.

Jan also made this storm at sea quilt.  I quilted it with a wave pattern, keeping with the 'sea' theme.

Well that just about sums up my week. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Happy Quilting


PS. Have discovered Pinterest this week!!  When I have worked out how to get a button on my blog, I will put one on if you want to see how I have been wasting hours of my time!!!!!  So much inspiration.  Love it.


  1. Holy cow that's a wonderful display of cushions! I'd LOVE a sofa like that :-) They are all fabulous, dont know which one I want to go try first ;-)

  2. I love all those cushions! And the M.O. quilt. And Katy's S.V quilt. And..!

  3. I love all your makes - the cushions look wonderful all together!

    Pomona x

  4. I love how the hexie flowers look on the top of the footstool cover! And Kris' material obsessions quilt is fab and the shocking pink quilting rocks :)

  5. Amazing Chris - so inspirational.

  6. Amazing Chris - so inspirational.

  7. I LOVE all of your cushions! After four or five, they don't need to match anything. The un-matchyness (?!) is a style all its own.

  8. Oh my word! You had me at the first cushion! I can just feel the texture. Gorgeous.

  9. Wow! All your cushions are stunning!!

  10. Lovely as ever. What a great way to use up orphan blocks. The MO quilt looks tempting I can see why it is on your to do list .

  11. Wow! You have the best job in the world don't you?!??!? Love the cushions and seeing all those lovely quilts that others have made, lucky you! x

  12. Wow, how did you fit all that into one week?! I really love Kris' quilt, amazing colours- I prefer piecing to applique too, I can't bear to think all that pretty fabric is being hidden by the fabric on top, it seems a waste to me :)

  13. Love all those cushions, and your quilting on those quilts. Fabulous post!

  14. I love your pillows - just discovered this site today. Would you share how your pillows look so inviting to snuggle up with - most quilted pillows look stiff but not yours. What is your secret if you don't mind my asking?

    Thank you for sharing.

    Lady Beverly

  15. I was wondering why all the pictures are gone? I wanted to see the gorgeous pillows!