Monday, 4 February 2013

Miserable Monday

Today the wind is lashing the rain against the windows of my studio and it is freezing cold.  I needed something to cheer me up so decided to start cutting into all my American Jane fat quarters.  This is what I decided to make....

It is called 'Charming Addition Quilt' and was designed by Kathie at
It would be a perfect quilt to use up all those scraps you didn't use in your scrappy trips around the world quilt...... and I know hundreds of you made one of those!!!!

A design wall is really helpful to plan this quilt as the pattern is interlocking and you have to piece it row by row.  I amended my quilt slightly as my blocks are made of  two 2 1/2inch squares and one 6 1/2 inch rectangle, whereas the pattern above is made of  five 2 1/2 inch squares (I just like to make less sewing for myself if possible!!)

Now I just have to start taking the pieces off the wall, row by row, and sew them together.  I will have to do this fairly speedily as it is taking up my design wall and I can't use it for anything else until I have pieced it - it took ages just to place them in position so I am not going to take them off until they are ready to be sewn.

I also quilted a small quilt for Jill today.

That just about sums up my start to the week.

Happy Quilting.



  1. Love your new quilt Chris. Definitely have to add it to my to-do list! Small quilt for Kim? Looks very lovely and very large to me :)

  2. Loving the American Jane. Certainly more cheery than the weather! x

  3. I absolutely LOVE plus quilts. Great way to feature the fabrics

  4. Love both quilts! I love repetative shapes.

  5. I have been after this pattern for months. How do I get a copy?? Thanks.

  6. I have been after this pattern for months. How do I get a copy?? Thanks.