Thursday, 7 February 2013

Basket Case!!

Yesterday morning I came down to my studio early with the intention of 'quickly' quilting my trips around the world quilt.  I decided I would freehand quilt it with a basket weave pattern. Well quick it certainly wasn't! I was still at it 6 hours later......I went to bed saying in my head - up, down, up, down, up, down, up, right, left, right, left, right, left!!!!  I finished the last 8 rows this morning before starting work.  I like the look but am not sure now whether it is a little bit stiff with all the quilting on it.  Hey ho!!  I will wash it as soon as the binding is on to see if it softens up in the wash.  I used a Moda wide batik on the back which is also a stiffer fabric than plain cotton.

I love the texture of the quilting if you run your hand over it.

In the spirit of it being a 'use up your scraps' quilt, I am using some scraps of binding that were in a drawer to bind it with.

I'll try and attach it to the front sometime today so I can sit this evening and hand sew it to the back.  Then straight into the washing machine.



  1. Blimey, 6 hours, I'm not surprised! You must have been exhausted! It really looks lovely though.

  2. Amazing! I bet you were seeing lines in your sleep!

  3. Great texture on that . I haven't quilted mine yet....but soon. Would you make a second one? I have started another. Sooo many scraps

  4. I love the quilting...such a lot of work, but the results are stunning!