Sunday, 23 September 2012

The dining room wall that needed a quilt!

Four years ago we extended out the back of our house and built on a conservatory/dining room.  It is one of the best thing we ever did to this house.  Until then we had a tiny kitchen and a large dining room.  So we converted the dining room into the kitchen, we divided the old kitchen to make a utility room and a study and we added the conservatory.  It is lovely and light and we use it all year round.

This room has a wall that was crying out for a quilt.  It is painted in one of my favourite colours, Parma Gray by Farrow and Ball.  This quilt is what I hung there.  It has been on the wall since we completed the room. Being such a sunny room, it was inevitable that the quilt would fade in the sun.  I don't mind this as all the quilts I make are made to be used.

(I've just realised this photo was not 'set up'!!  Note the squashed cushions and the coffee mug and wine glass!!  Welcome to my world!!!!)

However, earlier this year I decided to make a new one for the wall.  On one of my many trolls through blogland, I saw this quilt and fell in love with it.  It is called  'the stargate' quilt and it was made by Kati who blogs at 'from the blue chair'

I decided to make my version and this is it...

I had some fun quilting this.  I did a point to point pattern in all the triangles.  I then extended the wedges out and just freehand quilted lots of different pattern in each of the rays - pebbles, feathers, basket weave, swirls,  meandering etc.  Great fun and it really shows up on the plain cream fabric.  Many of my customers have admired this quilt whilst walking past it on their way down to my studio.  I'll have to start thinking of what will replace it in 3 or 4 years once this has faded!!!  Choices, choices...... I've a FQ bundle of 'Blueberry crumbcake' that would look nice - now there is a thought....

A funny story about sitting here in my sunny dining room... we have neighbours in the street who like to feed the birds.  Now, that is not unusual.  Many of us have bird feeders, put bags of nuts and fat balls out for the birds.  But not these neighbours - oh no, they feed them jam sandwiches!! Yes, I said jam sandwiches.  I'll be minding my own business with a coffee (or glass of wine, depending on the time of day) reading a book and 'PLOP'. Looking up, there will be a large jam sandwich that some greedy bird decided it would take back to the nest, only to be outdone and - ooops - they drop it on the glass roof of my dining room.  I then have to see it, day in and day out as it slowly goes mouldy, then turns black and hope for a heavy downpour of rain to wash it off.  Last week I found myself looking up at a piece of bread and a slice of CHEESE!!! on the roof so now these birds are on the savoury course!!!!!!  Spare me.

So, may all your sandwiches be in their rightful place - on  a plate! - and have a good week!  Happy Quilting.



  1. Love the quilting on the Stargate quilt! As for those nasty sandwiches, option 1, knock on all the doors and ask who's doing it. Option 2, wait for it to happen again, then throw a little neighborhood potluck. Casually point out the disgusting pile of goo on your ceiling.

  2. Hilarious, love your sandwich story, had me in stitches! Love the quilts too, of course.

  3. Unless the birds thieve them? That would be a better thought than someone just sticking a whole sandwich out. I like both quilts!