Saturday, 22 September 2012

How do you store yours?

I have just taken some more quilts off the pile to photograph for my blog.  They have all been folded for so long that they are really creased.  I tried to iron them but even that doesn't get the impression of the folds out.    
How do you store yours?  Apart from folding them or laying them on a bed, do any of you have any innovative ways of storing your quilts?

Anyway, creases aside, here are some more of my quilts.

I have a great friend Janie, who is also a longarm quilter (we speak the same language!!) and we try to get together at least once a year (we don't live near each other or it would be more often) and we have our own mini quilt retreat.  We choose a pattern beforehand that we are going to make then we get together at one of our houses to sew.  We get the kettle and munchies set up nearby, iron on, sewing machines at the ready and let the men folk fend for themselves!!  This quilt is one that we did a couple of years ago.  It is a spiderweb block and I made mine with some Moda shot cottons and some Momo fabrics.

I quilted a spiral in the centre of the 'webs' and echo quilted in the 'stars'

This quilt I made using the 'Firecracker' pattern by Jaybird quilts.  I made it using some 'from little things' fabric that my friend Katy brought me back from one of her numerous trips to Quilt market (trying the keep the note of envy out of my voice!!)  I quilted it with an allover peacock meander pattern.

This next quilt is one I made up as I went along.  Not sure what the fabric is and I custom quilted it.

I had a couple of jelly rolls of 'Tweet tweet' by 'Keiki' and made this next quilt.  I quilted it with an allover bubble pattern.

I hope you enjoyed another look at some of my quilts.  It is only when I go to photograph them that I realise how many I have.  I think I will have to sell some of them. I will have to set up an etsy shop, I think.  Most I make just for the pleasure of making them, no recipient in mind.  I do also make quilts as gifts but those usually get given away before I take a photo and then I think "darn it, I forgot to get a photo"!!  I have a good friend whose father died a few weeks ago.  I decided to give her one of my quilts as a 'fabric hug' from me to her.  Flowers die but quilts last forever.  I was telling the boys what I had done whilst in the car one day and their reaction was "what did you give her a quilt for?"  I'M A FAILURE AS A QUILTING MUM!!! if, after quilting for nearly 25 years, my boys don't understand the sentiments behind the giving of a quilt.  Sigh!!!

Well, the sun is shining here and it is a lovely late summer day so am going to sit outside with a cup of tea.  I will try to take some more photo's to post over the next couple of days.

Hope your are all having a restful weekend.  Happy quilting.



  1. Beautiful quilts! I really love the firecracker one especially. As for the boys reaction, I think some males just DONT get it!

  2. Gorgeous quilts! I'm waiting for my dad to build me a quilt ladder to stand on the landing and in the meantime they're folded on pouffes (prounounced 'puffies'!!), etc. and flung over the arms of the settee!

  3. I love your quilts! Kids just don't get the sentiments behind quilts do they!

  4. Gorgeous quilts! I know someone who rolls her quilts, then stacks them on shelves. Of course, you'll need long shelves. So maybe just a wash will get out the bends?

  5. Lovely, lovely quilts. Think we should try and have our retreats twice a year at least! I find most of my friends just don't get the fact that I like to make quilts 'just because'. I don't feel I have to have a reason for making them. Love the idea of a fabric hug, better than flowers any day.

  6. Wonderful quilts! Love the spiderweb one! But they are all amazing. Love seeing all your quilts!
    ps still haven't unpacked my one - just haven't had the time!!!

    1. And pps, I heard of a quilter who stores hers on the cardboard inners that come out of those big batting rolls. I have one here if you'd like it? I don't have that many quilts lying around and most get used especially in winter.

  7. One idea to store is to use narrow PVC pipe and roll around to keep away creases. Put non acid paper on PVC first. You can then store on shelves or i sent into "shoe bag hangars" w a couple side by side

  8. Sorry for words deleted. Put into shoe bag or purse holders that hang in closet. You can put a couple quilts into each slot you will need 2-3 w hangars turned sideways to span more than one carrier