Saturday, 29 September 2012

A busy week

Here are some customer quilts I worked on this week.

This is one of Julie's quilts.  It is made of shot cottons from Oakshott.  Such a simple block but the quilt seems to glow because of the sheen of the cottons.  She chose a simple daisy pattern for the quilting.

This is also a quilt made by Julie and she chose the 'ornamental maple' pattern that I did on my swoon quilt.  It echoes the maple leaves on the French General fabric.

This quilt was made by Pat who was trying to use up some of her scraps.  She chose a heart pattern called 'sweetest'.

I even managed to finish my 9 patch quilt using a fair amount of my bright and cheerful scraps.

I have just sewn the blocks side by side with no sashing.  I love all the 'borderless' quilts that are appearing all over blogland at the moment so decided that was the way to go...

I had some bright Madras checked cotton that I used for the back and added a plain yellow binding.  I have put this quilt on our bed for now and am loving it's bright cheerfulness in a week where we have had the worst September storms for 30 years with severe flooding here in Yorkshire.

I quilted this with a pattern called 'alfresco'

That just about sums up my week.  Happy Quilting!


Friday, 28 September 2012

Spinning stars quilt

A quick post...

Thought I would join in the fun and make a 'spinning stars' quilt.  Katy has kicked this off so decided, what the heck, I'll make one too.  Here are my first 4 blocks.  I used some Lily Ashbury fabrics that have been sitting on my shelves for a while.  Not sure how big I will make it but watch this space....

Now all I need to do is work out how to start a' Flickr' account!!!

Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I'm sooooo late to the party!

I know that you have all finished your 'swoon' quilts, quilted them and got them bound and I bet you have even got them on the bed!!  Me, well I'm rather late with mine.  I have had the pattern sitting on my desk for months waiting to be made. In desperation I finally challenged my friend Janie to get hers made (she has been procrastinating as well - sorry Janie!!) and I would do mine and we set a deadline for end Sept.  Within 2 weeks she had hers finished!!!!  A beautiful red and white one.  I made 3 blocks with my fabric choice and hated it!

I chose a plain green as the background and it just killed the patterned fabric (Boutique by Chez Moi) so started again using white as a background and preferred it, although I can't say I really love this quilt.  I love the blocks, just not keen on my fabric choices but decided to persevere and finish it then I could move on.

Here it is, quilted and bound.

I quilted it using a pattern called 'ornamental maples' by Tammy Finkler.

I still love the 'swoon' block so am sure I will be re-visiting it sometime in the future but for now, I am working on this.... (more to follow)

Chris xx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The dining room wall that needed a quilt!

Four years ago we extended out the back of our house and built on a conservatory/dining room.  It is one of the best thing we ever did to this house.  Until then we had a tiny kitchen and a large dining room.  So we converted the dining room into the kitchen, we divided the old kitchen to make a utility room and a study and we added the conservatory.  It is lovely and light and we use it all year round.

This room has a wall that was crying out for a quilt.  It is painted in one of my favourite colours, Parma Gray by Farrow and Ball.  This quilt is what I hung there.  It has been on the wall since we completed the room. Being such a sunny room, it was inevitable that the quilt would fade in the sun.  I don't mind this as all the quilts I make are made to be used.

(I've just realised this photo was not 'set up'!!  Note the squashed cushions and the coffee mug and wine glass!!  Welcome to my world!!!!)

However, earlier this year I decided to make a new one for the wall.  On one of my many trolls through blogland, I saw this quilt and fell in love with it.  It is called  'the stargate' quilt and it was made by Kati who blogs at 'from the blue chair'

I decided to make my version and this is it...

I had some fun quilting this.  I did a point to point pattern in all the triangles.  I then extended the wedges out and just freehand quilted lots of different pattern in each of the rays - pebbles, feathers, basket weave, swirls,  meandering etc.  Great fun and it really shows up on the plain cream fabric.  Many of my customers have admired this quilt whilst walking past it on their way down to my studio.  I'll have to start thinking of what will replace it in 3 or 4 years once this has faded!!!  Choices, choices...... I've a FQ bundle of 'Blueberry crumbcake' that would look nice - now there is a thought....

A funny story about sitting here in my sunny dining room... we have neighbours in the street who like to feed the birds.  Now, that is not unusual.  Many of us have bird feeders, put bags of nuts and fat balls out for the birds.  But not these neighbours - oh no, they feed them jam sandwiches!! Yes, I said jam sandwiches.  I'll be minding my own business with a coffee (or glass of wine, depending on the time of day) reading a book and 'PLOP'. Looking up, there will be a large jam sandwich that some greedy bird decided it would take back to the nest, only to be outdone and - ooops - they drop it on the glass roof of my dining room.  I then have to see it, day in and day out as it slowly goes mouldy, then turns black and hope for a heavy downpour of rain to wash it off.  Last week I found myself looking up at a piece of bread and a slice of CHEESE!!! on the roof so now these birds are on the savoury course!!!!!!  Spare me.

So, may all your sandwiches be in their rightful place - on  a plate! - and have a good week!  Happy Quilting.


Saturday, 22 September 2012

How do you store yours?

I have just taken some more quilts off the pile to photograph for my blog.  They have all been folded for so long that they are really creased.  I tried to iron them but even that doesn't get the impression of the folds out.    
How do you store yours?  Apart from folding them or laying them on a bed, do any of you have any innovative ways of storing your quilts?

Anyway, creases aside, here are some more of my quilts.

I have a great friend Janie, who is also a longarm quilter (we speak the same language!!) and we try to get together at least once a year (we don't live near each other or it would be more often) and we have our own mini quilt retreat.  We choose a pattern beforehand that we are going to make then we get together at one of our houses to sew.  We get the kettle and munchies set up nearby, iron on, sewing machines at the ready and let the men folk fend for themselves!!  This quilt is one that we did a couple of years ago.  It is a spiderweb block and I made mine with some Moda shot cottons and some Momo fabrics.

I quilted a spiral in the centre of the 'webs' and echo quilted in the 'stars'

This quilt I made using the 'Firecracker' pattern by Jaybird quilts.  I made it using some 'from little things' fabric that my friend Katy brought me back from one of her numerous trips to Quilt market (trying the keep the note of envy out of my voice!!)  I quilted it with an allover peacock meander pattern.

This next quilt is one I made up as I went along.  Not sure what the fabric is and I custom quilted it.

I had a couple of jelly rolls of 'Tweet tweet' by 'Keiki' and made this next quilt.  I quilted it with an allover bubble pattern.

I hope you enjoyed another look at some of my quilts.  It is only when I go to photograph them that I realise how many I have.  I think I will have to sell some of them. I will have to set up an etsy shop, I think.  Most I make just for the pleasure of making them, no recipient in mind.  I do also make quilts as gifts but those usually get given away before I take a photo and then I think "darn it, I forgot to get a photo"!!  I have a good friend whose father died a few weeks ago.  I decided to give her one of my quilts as a 'fabric hug' from me to her.  Flowers die but quilts last forever.  I was telling the boys what I had done whilst in the car one day and their reaction was "what did you give her a quilt for?"  I'M A FAILURE AS A QUILTING MUM!!! if, after quilting for nearly 25 years, my boys don't understand the sentiments behind the giving of a quilt.  Sigh!!!

Well, the sun is shining here and it is a lovely late summer day so am going to sit outside with a cup of tea.  I will try to take some more photo's to post over the next couple of days.

Hope your are all having a restful weekend.  Happy quilting.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Some more of my quilts

The sun came out today so rushed outside (once the grass was dry) to take some photos of a few more of my quilts.  Unfortunately it was also windy so no sooner had I laid it all out, turned around to climb on my steps to take the photo, than the wind had flipped it over - Grrrrr!!!  (much to the amusement of 2 of my sons who were sitting eating their lunch - they could have offered to help but I guess it was funnier watching Mum up and down the steps!!!

This is the first quilt that I ever won a ribbon for.  It is called 'Dresden Hearts' and I made it in 2008. It won 1st prize for longarm quilting and it won the Visitors Choice ribbon too. It was lovely winning the longarm prize but I think I value the visitors choice ribbon more as it is lovely to be judged by your peers and recognised.  Everyone who visited the show had a vote and at the end of the show the winner was announced so I didn't know about it until I turned up for prize giving on the last day.

 I made it with a lot of my 'repro 30's' fabrics.  I love them, they are so cheerful.  I still have enough in my stash to make at least another 4 or 5 more quilts!!  I did a peacock meander in all the plain white (labour of love!!) and continuous curve in all the squares.  I stitched straight lines point to point in the plates and a heart motif in the centres.

This is one quilt I am going to keep.  It has been washed umpteen times and is lovely and soft now.

Came inside to take some photos out of the wind and this is what you get if you try to take a photo on the floor of the lounge!!!  I'm so glad Coco wiped his paws first!!

This is another quilt I made using 1930's fabrics.  I had bought a ruler for doing curves and wanted to do a curved edge on a quilt so made this little quilt to have a go.  I was pleased with it once it was done.  It is a lap size quilt and I just quilted it with an allover meander patter.

Just to prove I don't only make 1930's quilts (!) here is one I made using some plaids and some Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I would really struggle to make a quilt with 4 fabrics - I would much rather make one with 84!!!  This was an exercise in 'anything goes' and I just had 2 piles of fabric, one plaid and one print.  I didn't try to match fabrics and each block has a negative and a positive.  This is the sort of quilt I want to make when our weather turns grey and dull and the colour comes from inside. I quilted this with an allover pattern called 'swirl and twirl'.

And finally, another quilt using my 'more is better' method of fabric selection! Not sure what this block is called but it appealed to me so used up some more scraps.

I would never say that I was a fan of orange fabrics but once I had put all the blocks together, it was an 'orange' quilt (the plain grey does temper it somewhat).   I do like it though.  I quilted it with a pattern called 'retro daisies'.  Another quilt that has been washed many times, hence it's wrinkled appearance.

Hope you enjoyed looking at a few more of my quilts.  Apologies about the creases in them but they are stacked up folded in piles in my studio. I would love a spare room with a double bed where I could lay them all out flat but until the sons leave home, no can do!

Until next time, Happy Quilting