Sunday, 23 December 2012


No, I haven't fallen off the edge of the planet.  I'm sure you have all been super busy too.  I've had my head down quilting quilts for customers and getting all my orders out of the door and back to their owners for them to finish the bindings and wrap them lovingly.  I've quilted 39 quilts in 6 weeks and managed to get the rail in my studio down to 6 quilts  (although I have been given the heads up for 8 coming in after new year)  This is where I have to admit that I didn't even take photos to show you.  New Years resolution - must take a photo of every quilt I quilt! (Wonder if I can keep it?)

In between all this frenetic quilting I had to go to America for 10 days with my sister to help out family.  We went to upstate New York and the day before we arrived it snowed.  It was so beautiful, just like a Christmas card. Even though this was not a holiday and the two of us drove miles whilst there doing all the jobs we had gone to do, we enjoyed the snow and all the Christmas decorations (and O Boy! do you Americans like your Christmas decorations!!!!)  The houses and gardens looked magical with all the lights, candles, wreaths, reindeers and the odd cheesy inflatable Santa)

Now you Americans will know what those sticks with the reflectors on the top are for but I didn't.  They are placed at intervals all down the roads and driveways and are about 6ft tall.  They are so that the snow ploughs know where the edges of the roads are after a heavy dumping of snow!!  (can't imagine there being much call for those here is Yorkshire, ha ha!!)

The morning after we arrived. "Fancy a snowball fight - great for getting over jetlag?"

Now I am led to believe that this snowfall was a 'light sprinkling' compared to the 6ft that will fall later!  It was enough for us though as we Brits are not really used to driving in this stuff and it was an experience negotiating the steep, long, driveway to the house.  Fortunately my Aunt and Uncle have 4x4 vehicles which made things easier.

Once we got back, I managed to make a Christmas quilt for me.  I just made a simple churn dash quilt and added a gently curving border.  This is to go over my sofa as the two cats tend to sleep on there at night and they come in with muddy paws so this helps keep my sofa clean.  It has already been washed twice.  I used a fat quarter bundle of fabrics that had been on my shelf for a few years.  Crazy 8 by Sandy Gervais I think it was called.

This quilt is mine!! (I've still not managed to teach him to sew the bindings on for me)

All that remains is for me to wish you all a Peaceful and Blessed Christmas and hope your time with family and friends is special.

Happy Quilting.


Friday, 16 November 2012

Another busy week

Some quick pictures of quilts finished this week.....

Janice made this quilt.  It is huge, 102 x 102 inches!  I couldn't get a photo of the whole thing but you get the picture.   She chose the pattern 'bubbleplay' quilted in a golden yellow thread.  Very cheerful.

Kim made this quilt using some 'favourite things' panels. So cute.  I quilted it with an allover daisy pattern called 'flowers for lynda'.

She also made this quilt is lovely soft flannel fabrics.  I quilted an interlocking fir tree all over it in olive green. A lovely soft snuggley (a quilting technical term!!!) quilt.

Daphne made this quilt and she chose an allover pattern called 'bending in the wind' which is bullrushes and leaves.  Lovely.

She also made this one and she chose a pattern called 'autumn harvest' which carried on the pumpkin theme of the quilt.  This will look lovely hanging on the wall.

Jennifer made this 'round the twist' quilt.  This is such a popular pattern and always looks lovely made up.  Even I have made one of these in the dim and distant past!!!

She chose a pattern called 'sweetest' which is a heart/flower and a feather swirl.  Perfect for a quilt that is going to be a loving gift.

This quilt was made by Gail and she chose an allover butterfly pattern as there are butterflies all over the fabric - as well as cats!

The next 4 quilts were made by Christine...

This cute foundation pieced quilt was quilted with the same butterfly pattern as the quilt above, 'butterfly charm'.

This quilt was quilted with a pattern called 'swirling'.

This one was quilted with a pattern called 'dragonflies in the mist' and I rotated alternate rows.

And this one was quilted with a pattern called 'autumn oaks' which is an oak leaf and acorn pattern.  Very seasonal....

Gene made this house quilt and decided to go with a very traditional 'baptist fan' pattern.

That just about sums up my week... now for a restful weekend!.

Chris XX

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hello again!

I've not posted for a while but not because I was sitting on a beach somewhere reading a book and drinking cocktails! (only in my dreams).  I have been really busy but 4 of the quilts I have just finished belonged to ladies who have their own blogs and I didn't think it was appropriate to blog about their quilts until they have done so themselves.  Another quilt was to go in the book I was telling you about in my last post so can't show you that either!!  Then finally, I managed to spill a mug of tea into my netbook!!  Yes, I know all about food and drink and computers but I just never thought I would be that clumsy - just goes to show!!  Fortunately I managed to tip it upside down really quickly and only the keypad was damaged.  Had to order another one from somewhere in the far east and my husband has now replaced it so I am up and running again.

I have however been working on a quilt of mine.  When I first started to quilt I loved all the civil war type fabrics and their warm deep colours.  Recently I have been lured away by all those bright modern fabrics but for this quilt, I have returned to my first love.  I made this quilt ...

from this book...

using these fabrics...

This is the result...

Not sure why but when I made all the blocks, I had an extra row of blocks but not enough fabric to do a double row of squares for the border.  Never mind.  I still love it as it is.

I added a green 'Jo Morton' fabric binding which I thought complemented the fabrics on the front and used up some old fabric (red rooster I think) that I had in my studio for the back.

I quilted it with an allover pattern called 'come dance with me' which is a feather pattern.  Unfortunately the fabrics are so busy that you can't see the stitching but trust me, it is quilted!  It is now going in the washing machine to get all wrinkly and snuggly.  I think this quilt will be one folded on the end of the sofa to cuddle up in whilst watching telly in front of our log burner.   Winter does have some good points.

This is what you get in our house when you bring quilts out of the studio and into the lounge to sew the binding on!!!.....

Wonder if I could teach him to sew the binding on for me - nope, didn't think so!

Hope you are all having a productive quilting week.  Now I have to decide what to make next - finish a UFO or start something new?  What would you do?

Chris XX

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Quilts this week

I didn't have anything to show you last week.  I had been busy but the quilts I was working on were going in a book to be published next year by one of the ladies I quilt for, and so they are under wraps for the time being. They were lovely and I will give you details of the book nearer the time as it will be a must have purchase!

So, this week these are what I have been working on so far.

First is a Kaffe Fassett pattern (I think) and was made by Sue.  She wanted circles on it so I quilted it with Bubbleplay.

Love those cheerful fabrics.  Just what I needed to brighten a rather dull and overcast day.

Next up was a quilt made by Tiina using some French General fabrics.  I quilted it with a fleur de lis pattern called Joust.

 I love this quilt - I had to buy the pattern for myself from her shop.  Even better was that I could buy it as a download, which for my impatient nature was a real bonus.  I have a bundle of French General fabric that I could use to make it.  Another quilt to add to my every growing list of 'quilts to make before I kick the bucket!'

My last quilt to show you is a little house quilt made by Julie who made that lovely quilt using all the Oakshott shot cottons.  She chose a baptist fan pattern.

(The quilt was beautifully pieced and square - not like this photo.  I think I must have taken the photo from the side!)

So, that just about sums up this week so far.  I'm working on piecing a quilt of my own using some of my civil war reproduction fabrics so keep checking back as I will be posting progress so far.

In the meantime, Happy Quilting.